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Donate for Japan through the Philippine Red Cross →


“They make it very, very easy to contribute. You can donate online via PayPal, you can send them cash or a check, you can make a bank deposit, you can even text your donations (if you’re Globe or Smart), or send them through G-Cash. Every little bit helps. Let’s do this.” vivatregina

From GMANews.tv:

Filipinos who wish to help earthquake- and tsunami-stricken Japan may send their monetary donations via text message to the Philippine Red Cross, the humanitarian organization’s secretary-general Gwendolyn Pang said Sunday.

People who wish to donate must type on their mobile phones ‘RED (space) AMOUNT’ and send the message to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart).

Globe subscribers may also send donations through the G-Cash transfer scheme by typing ‘DONATE (space) AMOUNT (space) 4-digit M-PIN (space) REDCROSS’ and then sending the message to 2882.

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